Zener diode symbol And Zener diode Construction Explained

So In last Article we disscussed about zener diode and in this we are disscussing about Zener diode symbol, so first learn what is zener diode.

A Zener diode is a unique form of diode designed to reliably permit the present day to flow backward while a positive set opposite voltage, referred to as the Zener voltage, is reached.

Diodes with a better Zener voltage have a greater slow junction and their mode of operation additionally includes avalanche breakdown.

A Zener diode is a closely doped semiconductor device this is designed to perform withinside the opposite direction.

Zener diode symbol

The Zener diode’s circuit symbol is seen in the diagram below. In reverse biassing, the Zener diode is used. The n-type material of the diode is attached to the positive terminal of the supply, while the P-type material is connected to the negative terminal of the supply, resulting in reverse biassing. Since the diode is made of highly doped semiconductor material, the depletion area is very thin.

Zener diode symbol
Zener diode symbol

Zener diode Construction

The construction of a Zener diode is seen below. Since all the substrates, P and N, are diffused together, this is a diffused arrangement. A SiO2 (silicon dioxide) layer can be applied to the junction region.

During fabrication, the entire structure can be metalized at the same time to generate anode and cathode links. As a result, the SiO2 layer primarily aids in the prevention of junction contagion. As a result, it’s used in the construction of a Zener diode.

The range of doping in the PN junction determines how well this diode works. The depletion area is incredibly thin and the electric field is extremely strong with a small reverse bias voltage. It allows electrons to move from the valence to the conduction bands.

The breakdown voltage of Zener diodes can be precisely regulated at the time of the doping stage. Zener diodes have a breakdown voltage frequency of 1.2 V to 200 V. Where a diode is lightly doped and the breakdown voltage is less than 5.6 V, the breakdown is shown by the avalanche effect rather than the Zener effect.


What is the purpose of a Zener diode

Mainly Zener Diode is used to regulate the voltage.

How a Zener diode works

In forward bias, a Zener diode operates similarly to a pn jn diode in that the minority carries electricity, which contributes to a breakdown, which ensures a steady voltage this This is why we use Zener diodes in voltage regulators.

What is symbol of Zener diode
So Here Is Zener-Diode-Symbol


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